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therapeutic orientation

My education and training is based on a systems approach, which means I see individuals not just as individuals, but also in the context of the relationships they are in.  I work with individuals as well as families and couples. I believe that people are capable of change on their own and that change is inevitable. I seek to help my clients find their own resources to change and improve their lives. 


I use a strengths-based approach in my work with individuals, helping you to utilize your own resources and strengths to empower yourself and create fulfilling changes in your life.


In order to help you feel more connected to your partner, I draw upon the work of Drs. John and Julie Gottman to help you deepen the foundation of trust and friendship within your relationship and to provide you with tools and skills to communicate better. I have a particular interest in helping couples navigate the transition to parenthood, as I believe that this particular life transition is among one of the most meaningful and difficult experiences couples go through together.

FAMILy therapy

Family therapy can help you to communicate more effectively with your loved ones and provide a deeper understanding of one another. Oftentimes we get stuck in patterns and relationship dynamics that can be unhealthy and make it difficult to feel close to one another. My goal is to help you find ways to identify unhelpful patterns in order to increase communication and cohesiveness within your family system.